Courage: A Young Woman’s Story

Courage: A Young Woman’s Story

Losing your father at the age of 18 in very tragic circumstances can have a very profound affect on a young woman’s life.  Add to that starting a business at 21, losing it at 23 and then starting another business.  These are adverse experiences that many women do not even experience in their whole lifetime, never mind at such a young age.

Astute Radio‘s Carol Stewart started a conversation with one young women who has summoned the courage to proceed through such adversity – this is Nadia Arain’s story.  At 24 years old Nadia has experienced tragedy, loss and triumph.  These experiences have helped Nadia develop a level of wisdom way beyond her years.  Nadia believes she has been broken open by life to serve other women.

Depressed, hungry and broke, Nadia summoned the courage to proceed and unknowingly became a role model for other women.  She has looked fear in the eye but refused to let fear kill her – literally.  According to Nadia, fear and scarcity are in the mind.  If you are experiencing adversity,  stay the course and learn to love adversity.  We learn a lot from our experiences and can use adverse situations to grow.  In turn, we can support others going through similar situations.

Have you been through a series of adversities at a young age? Have you found the strength to lift yourself out of very difficult situations? Have you used your personal experience to support other women?  What did you do?

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Listen to this inspirational conversation and ask yourself – “What adversity has helped me help others?”



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