Culture shock: Living in Dubai

Culture shock: Living in Dubai

Women move to Dubai for many reasons.  Astute Radio’s Elaine Wolfenden continues to explore the lives of women who live in Dubai in episode two of Sand Waves.

Kate Borland, a Scottish lady, talks about settling in after her husband was transferred to Dubai.  Kate gives us a great insight into the realities of moving abroad to another culture with a young child and having to give up her own career.

Lori Dorman shares her experiences of taking theatre to Dubai and her opinion on our ongoing topic:  Whether or not foreign women in Dubai are covering up enough to show respect to the local ladies.

Elaine also shares her insights about on driving in Dubai.

Do you live in Dubai?  Are you an ex-pat or local?  What do you think about the dress requirements for women in Dubai? Pop on to our Facebook page and share your experiences, or just comment below.



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