Feminists! Do we need to rethink our engagement with men?

Feminists! Do we need to rethink our engagement with men?

There’s much talk about the label ‘feminist’: who can call themselves feminist? Who can’t?

Such questions particularly come up in discussions of men and feminism. Can men – should men – adopt the label? Is ‘pro-feminist’ more appropriate? Astute Radio presenter Sarah Pelham, for one, just isn’t sure.

Maybe it is time to side-step this question altogether. Does all this attention on labels detract from more interesting discussions?

Sarah explores this and more with feminist activist Hjalmar Sigmarsson. From Iceland, Hjalmar has been a central figure in the country’s long-standing ‘Men Say No to Rape’ campaign and has now turned his attention to an MA in Women’s & Gender Studies.

Sarah then talks to Frank Karioris, a PhD candidate from Midwestern United States, whose research on male friendships asks us to reconsider what we think we know about ‘men’ and masculinities.

What do you think? Can men be feminists? Do we need to engage men differently?

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