Glass ceiling myth?

Glass ceiling myth?

When it comes to the glass ceiling,  30 is the new 20.  More and more women are finding that when they turn 30, specific barriers to career progression appear.  Has feminism, equal opportunity and diversity really helped women move up in their career?  A recent study by KMPG and business psychologists YSC on behalf of the 30% Club says no!

Astute Radio‘s Sepi Roshan spoke with a 36 year old Finance Professional, Anjaline.  Anjaline is like you, your friends, your partner.  She could be any number of women you see on your way to work.  Anjaline shares her personal experiences of fulfilling her career aspirations.  

In this raw, no holds barred interview, find out about Anjaline’s journey as an ambitious woman rising through the world of finance.  Find out when the rules of the game changed and what it has meant for her plans of a future in finance.

What have been your experiences moving up in your career?  Do you think the glass ceiling exists?  Do you think its harder for minority women?

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  1. Claudia Crawley
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    Wow! What a story – the stuff nightmares are made of. I really feel for Anjaline. I’ve had an experience of being stuck at middle management for 20 years. I broke the mould by being the 1st black woman manager in my local service and the 2nd in the country. But I couldn’t move further. Alot of it was to do with my own lack of confidence due to failing interviews which caused me to question my own competence. There are many competent women out there who aren’t progressing, whether due to organisational sexism or their lack of confidence or both. For this reason, I’ve developed a workshop to help women overcome the barriers and move on in their careers.

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