Mental health check with Ruby Wax

Mental health check with Ruby Wax

Good mental health helps us realise our potential, cope with life’s stresses, work productively, and contribute to our community.

Globally, 20% of children and adults have mental disorders or problems.  In the UK, 1 in 4 people will be affected by mental health problems.  It could be a family member, a friend, maybe someone you work with…it could be you. A World Health Organisation report (p51) has estimated that by 2030, depression will be the world’s biggest health issue

Our fast paced, negatively geared world, is not helpful. Constantly striving for perfection at work and at home, our fear of missing out (FOMO),  and other endless demands, are damaging our mental health.

Astute Radio‘s Sepi Roshan started a conversation with Ruby Wax – comedian, writer and mental health campaigner.  Ruby is currently UK’s poster girl for mental illness and, among other things, supports Time to Change: a charity focused on ending mental health discrimination and stigma.  In wanting relief from her depression, Ruby decided to investigate the workings of the mind and has recently completed a Masters degree in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy from Oxford University.

In her book, Sane New World: Taming the Mind, Ruby explores how we all sabotage our sanity.  She describes how our brains work, how we can take control of our minds, rewire our thinking and find happiness in the 21st century.  Ruby says, this book is “for everyone, because we all share the same equipment”.

Have you done a mental health check lately?  How do find relief from the stresses of 21st century living?  If you have a mental illness, what has been your experience of overcoming stereotypes and stigma? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page, on twitter or email us on

Listen to what Ruby had to say:


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Reference:  Women and mental health debate mentioned in the interview:  Professor Daniel Freeman: The Stressed Sex

IF you need support or want to find out more about mental health, please check out any of the following and also Google “mental health” for information in your own country:

World Health Organisation (Mental Health)

Movement for Global Mental Health

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