Multicultural Dubai: An ex-pat perspective

Multicultural Dubai: An ex-pat perspective

In this 3rd show , SandWaves  continues its look at women and their take on life in one very multicultural, melting-pot of diversity.  Astute Radio‘s Elaine Wolfenden talks to four women of differing nationalities – but similar ages – about their lives in Dubai and just how they come together through creativity.

Elaine starts a conversation about what makes these diverse women tick in their expatriate life and what areas sometimes cause frustration.

Driving, crime and medical services all feature – one way or another.  One woman’s take isn’t necessarily always the same as another – what a boring World that would be!  These women will give you a secret insight into their lives in Dubai and challenge some stereotypes and perceptions.  You’ll be surprised at what they share.  Enjoy.

Are you an ex-pat living in Dubai? Are you thinking of moving to Dubai?  Are you thinking of moving away from home?  Share your experiences with us.

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