Polish Outlooks: Meet Your Eastern European Neighbours

Polish Outlooks: Meet Your Eastern European Neighbours

In 2004 Poland joined the European Union and Poles were allowed onto British shores. Ten years on, have the dreams and hopes of the largest European emigration group been fulfilled?

Astute Radio’s Magda Bond started a conversation with three Polish women from different parts of England, talking about their reasons for coming to the UK, remembering their beginnings and what surprised them about the British culture.  These women also look back at Poland and what they left behind.

Magda spoke to Ewa Abramik from London, Gosia Ruiz from Newcastle upon Tyne and Agnieszka Władimirow from Bristol getting their personal perspective on the Polish migration to the UK and the recent anti-immigration remarks from the British politicians.

Are you Polish and living in the UK?  What has been your experience?  What differences in culture have you noticed?  What does it mean to be British?

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