Polish Outlooks: On Top of the World

Polish Outlooks: On Top of the World

Astute Radio‘s Magda Bond started a conversation about pushing boundaries and leadership with Pole Ania Lichota.  Ania is a coach and inspirational speaker. But there’s another part of Ania’s life which is quite dangerous and exciting.  Ania likes climbing mountains and is one of few women, who has reached the Seven Summits.  And all in her spare time!  Her personal journey has helped many including building schools to help local Nepalise girls access education (donations welcome).

In this episode Ania talks candidly about  working in finance, the differences in leadership styles between men and women, and preparing for the summit treks, including how she dealt with the physiological challenges of being a woman.  It wouldn’t be a usual episode of Polish Outlooks if it wasn’t for the immigration question, so we start by discussing the recent anti-immigration rhetoric in the UK.

Listen to Ania’s inspiring, real life and honest account of her journey.

How do you challenge yourself to reach your goals?  Have you moved from your native country and made inspiring changes?

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Watch Ania’s TEDx Warsaw talk describing her 7 Summits (7 Summits are the highest mountains of each of the 7 continents) adventure:  TEDxWarsaw – Ania Lichota – Changing my life one mountain at a time


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