Power of a woman: Overcoming burnout

Power of a woman: Overcoming burnout

The pressures of juggling a demanding job, family and everything else can steadily take its toll on today’s woman. This can lead to stress and burnout if we fail to look after ourselves holistically and fail to listen to the warning signs our bodies give us that something is amiss.

Astute Radio’s Carol Stewart started a conversation with Juls Abernethy of the Body Retreat.  Having risen to the top of her career in HR, Juls suffered burnout and spent 3 months in a private clinic.

There is a lot of pressure on women to try and do it all, and this was the case for Juls.  These ethics were instilled in her by her Grandmother.  Although they were probably appropriate in her Grandmothers day, that was at a time when women were not juggling the demands of a high pressured job, the home and everything else.  These ethics later went on to be the contributing factor that caused Juls to not see the build up of events that led to her burnout.

Listen to this conversation that highlights some of the warning signs which, without even realising can creep up on us, severely impacting our health.  How can we encourage women to listen to the warning signs that indicate they may be heading for burnout?

By trying to be the perfect wife/partner, mother, carer, house keeper and everything else, whilst climbing the corporate ladder, are women still trying to live their lives according to ethics that are no longer relevant today?  Is pressure put on women that makes them feel guilty if they do not fill all these roles perfectly? What can be done to enable women to abandon the guilt and accept that they simply cannot do it all?

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  1. Pushpa
    | Reply

    Enjoyed this interview.

  2. Helen Reynolds
    | Reply

    Such important advice and what an inspiring story from Juls. An important lesson for all of us.

  3. Valerie
    | Reply

    Great interview and very powerful! Yes, so many of us need to listen to our bodies and intuition more, and slow down – which is not easy in the corporate world as it is today. Well done to Juls for overcoming burnout and great to hear how she has inspirationally moved forward with her life.

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  5. Sepi Roshan
    | Reply

    So great to hear that we are helping and inspiring so many. Thanks for letting us know.

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