Secret life of the Boys’ Club

Secret life of the Boys’ Club


Boys’ Clubs can be exclusive and secretive – a powerful circle of men who use their positions and networks for their own advancement.  Whether formal or informal, Boys’ Clubs have the potential to produce hostile and repressive work environments.

But what if you are not “one of the boys”?  If you are a women or someone outside of the Boys’ Club, how do you get ahead in your career? What if the Boys’ Club is actually a good thing? And what are Boys’ Clubs really all about?

Executive Leadership Coach, Andrea Corcoran, has over 22 years experience in the Banking industry and 14 years in the Australian Army Reserves.

Andrea shares her experience  and expertise with Astute Radio‘s Sepi Roshan about the Boys’ Club, discusses what they represent and provides strategies you can apply for your career success.

Listen to what Andrea had to say.

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