Sexualising Sarah Baartman

Sexualising Sarah Baartman

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by Carmine Amaro


Imagine putting a naked woman on display so an audience could pay to look at her.  Scientist could measure her.  The media could comment on her.  And someone would gain financially from displaying her.

That is exactly what happened to Sarah Baartman, a South African woman, in the 1700s.

Astute Radio’s Carmine Amaro explores the tragic life of Sarah Baartman and asks us to consider how judging and stereotyping affect the way we treat people.  What does it say about a society that displaces a woman from her home for the amusement of others?

Listen to Carmine recount this deeply personal story.

How far do you think we have we come since the life of Sarah Baartman?

This conversation is missing your voice.  Tell us what you think.



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Authentic You with Carmine Amaro

I am an audio engineer working in broadcasting. I have many interests including music (I play the piano), running and traveling. I am also an active member of The International Association of Women in Television and Radio, a group of women who strive to open up opportunities for other women in the industry. I believe that every person has the right to develop fully in every area of their lives regardless of the stereotypes that society imposes on them. I am particularly interested in how the media portrays minority groups and women and the implications this has on social behaviour. I will be getting getting the conversation started about how to challenge stereotypes and break the mold.  My aim is to inspire women to be authentic – the best version of themselves. You were born original – don’t die a copy!



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