Successful campaigning: Getting heard starts here

Successful campaigning: Getting heard starts here

What’s important to you? What changes do you want to see in the world? And how can you make this happen?

For seasoned campaigners and newbies alike these are important questions.

Astute Radio presenter Sarah Pelham chats to Researcher Rebecca Sanderson about ‘frames’ and ‘values’ and how they can be used to create change.

Sarah and Rebecca discuss gender equality, human rights and why President Nixon made a great mistake when he declared ‘I am not a crook’.

Rebecca works for the Public Interest Research Centre on a project called Common Cause.  Common Cause uses social science research on values and motivations to understand the root of true long-term concerns for people and planet.

Are you a trying to get a message across?  What tactics do you use in your campaigns?  What doesn’t work?  What works every time?

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