Turning Childhood Adversity into Opportunity

Turning Childhood Adversity into Opportunity

Suffering extreme violence at the hands of an alcoholic Father could cause some girls to grow up living the life of a victim or letting that adverse start in life hold them back psychologically. Not for Dr Angela Smith however, she used the violent experience of her early childhood and turned it to an opportunity.

Astute Radio‘s Carol Stewart started a conversation with Angela on her show The Power of a Woman, about overcoming childhood adversity.

As a Forensic Psychologist, she has had to work with some very serious psychopaths but this has not fazed her.  In fact, her childhood experience has helped her to be fearless and assertive.  She learned some very valuable lessons from her early start in life, using her circumstances to motivate her to succeed.

Now an expert in resilience and post adversity growth, if she could go back in time, Angela would not change her background if she knew that this would be the outcome.

Angela shares aspects of her violent childhood and how this impacted on her growing up. She also shares how she pulled herself back up having suffered burnout when she lost 1 ½ hours of time in which she has no recollection of what was happening.

Having been through adversity, you can either allow your past to affect your future and be a victim or, like Angela, you can make a choice to be a survivor or a victim.

Have you suffered a violent past or experienced similar adversity to Angela? What have you learnt about yourself and what can you take from that learning to create an opportunity?

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