Voice Power: The Vagina Monologues

Voice Power: The Vagina Monologues



by Cordelia Zafiro


A woman’s body remains a mystery to most – including women themselves.  The female form, its parts and functions are usually discussed in hushed voices, behind closed doors.  Periods, sex and the vagina are still ensconced in outdated and stereotypical attitudes.  Many women have never become acquainted with their bits.

How empowering is it for women to talk about their bodies and the biology?  How can a play such as The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler, help women find their voice in a world where the rules about power, sex and voice are decided by people other than her?

After deciding to perform in The Vagina Monologues, Astute Radio’s Cordelia Zafiro started a conversation about the female body and sexuality.  You’ll never guess what one women does with her vagina for a living!

If you’ve ever wondered about your “down there” or wanted to know how other women feel about their’s, listen to what Cordelia and her fellow cast members share.

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Voice Power with Cordelia Zafiro

I am me – creative, intuitive, a trainer and an Opera Singer.  I assist people embody more presence in their voice and body language, establish credibility, command respect and increase influence. I broke the mould of a conservative upbringing and challenge stereotypes in my attitude and the way I live life in general: speaking my truth, seeing vulnerability as strength, and recognising negative emotions as a source of untapped power to be alchemised into dramatic potential.  I have developed a deep understanding and technical know how of the functional mechanisms of the voice.  That is, your physical voice or sound.  I will be sharing hints and tips to help you find your voice, by focusing on the tone of the speaking voice and on the subtext that steers communication.  You can follow Cordelia on twitter at @voicecurrents.



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