Voice, values and happiness

Voice, values and happiness

It’s a new year.  You want to focus on what you really want and what matters to you.

But how can you clarify this for yourself and get the message across to others about what you stand for?

Whether you want to speak up and take a stand on an issue, follow your passions or learn to communicate authentically, you must tune into Astute Radio’s latest Voice Power episode.
Finding your true voice is one of our core values and Astute Radio’s Cordelia Zafiropulo provides hints and tips on how to identify your values and align them with your voice. Answer Cordelia’s questions to take the first steps to finding your true voice and living the life you want.

Listen here:


How well do you know your core values?  What advice do you have to help people speak in their true voice?   Comment below and tell us what you think.  We always want to hear what you have to say.


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  1. Lee
    | Reply

    What about a person of 75 that no longer works

    • Sepi Roshan
      | Reply

      Thanks, Lee. Great question. There are so many contexts and relationships in which our voice and values are important, such as when we are within our communities, families or volunteering in retirement. We are always presented with opportunities to tune into our values and be clear about who we are and what we stand for. These hints and tips can help express your values authentically.

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