Astute Radio is an innovative empowerment consultancy and media platform challenging stereotypes so you can reach your potential.

Assumptions and stereotypes are embedded in all our thinking, decisions and workplace policies.  Beliefs about what we can achieve limit progress and what we can achieve.  Before we can begin to remove these limiting ideas and set ourselves free from their constraints and limitations, we must understand them.

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Many people have asked, "Why a radio platform as well as a consultancy?".  Here is why we use communication and media skills to for empowerment.


"Communication is more than talking.  It's about connecting with each other on a much deeper level so we all learn"

Communication is the key to success in all aspects of life and work.  Without communications skills, no-one will hear what you are saying. Missed opportunities occur everyday because people fail to communicate properly.  One of the best forms of communication is conversation.


“Conversations can break down barriers. You get to know the person for who they are not the stereotype. We all have much more in common than we think”

Almost half of global news content reinforces gender stereotypes. This means that women and girls continue to be trapped by ideas and illusions about their potential, capabilities and worth based on their gender.

Our broadcasts and blogs challenges stereotypes by strengthening the voices of minority women and girls who provide different and often unrepresented perspectives. By exploring issues from different perspectives, everyone can be better informed, better connected and better able to see more sides to a story. Astute conversations explore the research, wisdom and expertise of people discussing real life issues.

During this process, Astute Presenters and Bloggers are trained to to develop content. By doing so, we are challenging gender and other stereotypes everyday.

Astute Radio also provide bespoke services to individuals and organisations so that they can break free from the damaging effects of stereotypes and bring in a new style of leadership that works for everyone. Whether its to gain confidence, support women up the talent pipeline or deal with media interviews, Astute Services can remove the barriers in your way.

“No-one wants to be judged for things they cannot control. By focusing on the person, we develop an inclusive mindset”

Almost 90% of people listen to radio yet the voices of women is drastically underrepresented. For example, in the UK, 1 in 5 voices on radio are women and only about 1.5% of people on radio are minority women.

Radio enhances our ability to listen without judgement. The spotlight is off the person’s gender, background, disability, sexuality or what they look like.

"By understanding ourselves and each other, we can work better together and fulfil our potential"

Sepi_Radio_StudioBecause of my business background, I hosted a Business Radio show on FM radio and was the Business Editor of a London newspaper. During this time I noticed there was nothing dedicated conversations that went beyond stereotypes or reflected the experiences of minority women and girls.

Being a solutions-focused person, I decided to challenge the status quo and set up Astute Radio.

The conversations Astute Radio starts on its platform and with clients, are an important contribution to helping shape our society, homes and workplaces.

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Astute Radio is not affiliated with any political parties.


The views of the Presenters and interviewees are their own.
Astute Radio is a social enterprise working for the advancement of women and girls in society and workplaces. All rights reserved.

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