Age of Attraction: Astute Conversations Live

Age of Attraction: Astute Conversations Live

What pressures do young people have to be attractive?

Why are older people generally considered unattractive?

Some say in the youth obsessed culture, only youth is attractive. There are so many stereotypes linked with attraction that we wanted to explore this at our first live Astute Conversations Live event.

On the 9th December 2014 we met some of you at City Hall in London for a night of entertainment, conversations and networking.  The voice of young, older, minority  women and men rang out through the Mayor’s offices as we discussed the pressures and perceptions about attraction. An especially  interesting conversation started about young men dating older women. What is the big deal when they are consenting adults, right?

Listen to find out what happened during the Astute Conversations Live event and what people think about attraction.

This conversation is missing your voice.  Listen and share your thoughts and experiences with us. You can comment below or email us at

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Thank you to our supporters:

Rebecca Palmer

The Mayor’s Peer Outreach Team

Antara Amin

Ronald Brian

Association of Greater London Older Women

Vanessa Downie, Dancer

Sharelene Nair, Performing Artist

Eversheds for supplying the nibbles and drinks

Hilary Farnworth, supporter of Astute Radio, joint organiser and older person’s champion

Thank you for joining us and sharing your experiences and thoughts.


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