Body Confidence: The Music Industry

Body Confidence: The Music Industry

Astute Radio’s Rebecca Dalby is starting a series of conversations about body confidence, body image and weight.

In the first of this series, Rebecca started a conversation with Lisa Friend, a world renown solo concert flautist and recording artist. Lisa shares her experiences and pressures she faced within the classical music industry, performing on stage and becoming a mother. This year Lisa had hip surgery due to degenerative arthritis and is now in a period of rehabilitation whilst still working and taking care of her young family.

Listen to Lisa’s moving story including how she manages to overcome the continuing pressure to look “good”, as a musician and mother.

Lisa shares her real life experiences about how her body has changed beyond her control and the effects that has had on her. Lisa’s refreshing attitude to body confidence and why health and fitness are an important part of the discussion, lets you know you are not alone in this increasingly superficial, celebrity obsessed society.

What pressures do you face to “look good” or get your “pre-baby body” back? Have we gone too far with our obsession with body image and being thin at all costs?

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