Determined to succeed in a man’s world

Determined to succeed in a man’s world

What do you do when your passion lies in male dominated field?

Astute Radio‘s Carol Stewart started a conversation with a young black woman who started her business in a male dominated field and overcame the obstacles and challenges this brought.

After graduating from university at the height of the recession in 2009, Amie Samba faced an uncertain future. Rather than living out this life of uncertainty, at the age of 22, she decided that entrepreneurship was for her.  Instead of taking the route of chasing scarce jobs available to graduates, a chance opportunity and a pivotal question led Amie to establish her business doing the thing that she was passionate about. Now she is listed as one of Ernst and Young’s top 50 social businesses in the UK.

Listen to how Amie came up with the idea for her business and about some of the unconscious bias that still exists in the sporting industry today.

Are you a woman working in a male dominated field?  Or a man working in a female dominated field?

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