"Girls are supposed to…"

"Women can't do..."

"Women are…"

"A leader is…"


Assumptions and stereotypes are embedded in all our thinking, decisions and workplace policies - from ideas about leadership to people's place and role in society.

Stereotypes are based on illusions about people and their potential, rather than who they are and what skills or experience they have. These illusions suggest that by seeing certain characteristics in people, we get a feel for who a person is, including their interest, motives and capabilities.  Stereotypes can be based on any characteristic or attribute, such as gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, age or ability.    

Before we can begin to remove these limiting ideas and set ourselves free from their constraints and limitations, we must understand them.


Did you know that gender stereotypes of women, is the most dominant form of stereotyping?

Gender Stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are generalisations, traits and judgements based on a person's gender - in the simplest terms, whether someone is a man or a woman.  The situation is worse when a woman is faced with other stereotypes as well, such as her race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, age or ability.

Gender stereotypes affect women's advancement in the workplace, business and society.  Women are held back because they are limited by preconceived ideas about what they can and cannot do, as well as preconceived notions of what leadership and success.  Her contributions to economics, politics and society are often considered not as important and are sometimes ignored.  However, if a woman acts differently from how her gender is expected to behave and does not conform to the norm, she can experience harsh judgement and criticism, making it harder to succeed and live a fulfilling life.

Astute Radio is an innovative empowerment consultancy challenging gender and other stereotypes.  Focusing primarily on the advancement of women we are breaking down stereotypes and freeing people from their damaging effects.  You can find out more about Astute Services and how we can help you break free from stereotypes, here.