Girls, gangs and guns

Girls, gangs and guns

Is there a way out of a life of gangs, violence and depression?

Astute Radio‘s Bobbie Lakhera started a conversation with Tracey Miller who grew up on an inner city estate in London and gained notoriety as a gang member, regularly carrying a knife and robbing businesses.  All this and Tracey was barely into her teens.

Nicknamed ‘Sour’, her hard street persona was a world away from her reality at home. With a violent father in jail and left to manage her mother’s mental illness, Tracey was – in fact – a deeply unhappy girl desperately trying to bring herself up.

Listen as Tracey shares her quest from girl gang members to her suicide attempt, becoming a mother and turning her life around to help others in similar situations.

Have you been or are you involved in a gang?  What did gang life give you?

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