Life choices: Acceptance or Fulfilment?

Life choices: Acceptance or Fulfilment?

What do you do when no one thinks your dreams will ever come to reality?  What do you do when you have contrary aspirations for yourself to the ones others have for you?  Acceptance or Fulfilment –  which do you choose?

Astute Radio’s Blessing Obinaju started a conversation about being yourself and following your dreams in the midst of all the pressure.

Life can may seem like a set of challenges and failures.  When we get pressure from family, friends and society, we tend to loose ourselves in order to be accepted.  Blessing uses her own journey towards fulfilment and all the hurdles that she had to be overcome, to help you in your journey.

Have you been laughed off for aspiring to a certain career?  Has your family labelled you a failure for pursuing your choice of a career?  Like Blessing, do you think being from an African, especially  Nigerian culture, plays a part in these experiences?

This conversation is missing your voice.  Listen and share your thoughts and experiences with us. Comment below, visit us on Facebook and Twitter or email us at – let’s keep the conversation going.

Listen to this inspirational conversation and ask yourself – “Do I want Acceptance or Fulfilment?”


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