Life: Dancing in the storm

Life: Dancing in the storm

Sometimes, it seems there is a global culture of celebrating the people who got it “right”, and mocking or shunning the one who got it “wrong”. This culture of right vs wrong, shapes the idea of what life is about for many people.

So, what is life all about?  If someone were to ask you this question, what would be your response?

Some may think it’s about financial, emotional and maybe individual security and stability. Others may think it is only about winning or excelling, sometimes at all costs.  While these things play a part, they are not the whole story.  Life can be about failure, too.

Astute radio’s Blessing Obinaju started a conversation about why life can be about failure – a conversation many people avoid.  She shares her views about the storm we can face when we have different views about life or define success in a way that is different to others.  Sometimes, your “success” can be seen as a “failure” by someone else.  If this is the case, Blessing has a message that you must hear.

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Have you outlasted and danced in a storm in your life?  Been criticised for following your dreams?  Have you been seen as a failure because you followed your dreams but haven’t met the expectations of others? Do you find yourself constantly defending yourself  for having the dreams and values you have? What actions did you take in these moments?

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Listen to this inspirational conversation and ask yourself – “What is life to me?”

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