Mental Illness: The Conversation we must keep having

Mental Illness: The Conversation we must keep having

Robin WilliamsThe tragic death of Robin Williams  has brought mental health sharply into the media’s focus.  The mercurial, magnificent actor and comedian is reported to have committed suicide after suffering from depression for much of his adult life.

Unfortunately it takes tragedies such as this to get conversations started about mental health and mental illness. The subject becomes open fair.  Circumstances surrounding Robin’s mental state have been picked apart as we try to comprehend why a talent so present, suddenly becomes silent.

More than ever,  people are talking about mental illness.  However, as the days pass, the dialogue surrounding Robin’s death begins to dim.  There is a risk that those tortured by depression are forgotten once again. Depression is often called a ‘secret illness’ as it can be difficult even for the sufferer to acknowledge they may need help. It’s not visible and it’s not easily ‘fixed’.

Mental health affects 1 in 4 people living in the UK and yet there is still a stigma attached to it.  Astute Radio‘s Alex Genova spoke with Robert Watson from Imagine, a mental health charity, about the practical support they provide for those suffering and living with depression.  He talks about how social isolation is a big problem and something that anyone from the local community can help with.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health then please contact Imagine or any another listed mental health charity in your area.

We want to hear your stories.  Please tell us about your journeys of coping and living with depression or other mental health issues.  Help us keep the conversation going so that we can help those who need our love and support. We are looking for guest bloggers to share experiences so please get in contact.

This conversation is missing your voice so listen and share your stories.  Get your voice heard by commenting below.  Join us on Facebook and Twitter or email us at and let’s keep the conversation going.


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