New business, new skills, new baby: A healthy balancing act

New business, new skills, new baby: A healthy balancing act

We are increasingly encouraged to become entrepreneurs and start our own businesses.   Everywhere, we hear and see stories about start ups that have shot to success in a few months.  Women who seem to easily juggle business and family life, doing what they love.  But in the real world, how do you transition from full time work to a business you love?   How can you start or grow a business if you are thinking about motherhood?  Are pregnant women taken seriously in business? And do mentors really help?

Astute Radio’s Rebecca Dalby started a conversation with Sadie McLeod, who runs an online magazine and health and well-being business.  Rebecca explores the real experiences of moving from full time work to starting up a business.  Sadie is now an expectant mother. Juggling a start-up business within the health and fitness industry, isn’t all fun and games but it is very rewarding.

Find out what practical tips Sadie has for you, including how to overcome some of the real personal and daily challenges.  Sadie also provides some great tips for graduates who want to find the job of their dreams.

Are you making money in a business you are passionate about?  What have been your experiences?  Have you had to balance motherhood and growing your business?  What perceptions do you think people have of women in business?  What about perceptions of pregnant women in business?

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