Polish Outlooks: At the Movies

Polish Outlooks: At the Movies

What breaks down barriers between people from different cultures?

Astute Radio’s Magda Bond started a conversation about cultural exchange and how this furthers a successful integration of migrants into British society.

She visited an annual Polish Film Festival Kinoteka showcasing some of the classical gems of Polish cinema as well as the most recent productions. This year the Festival hosts Martin Scorsese Presents Masterpieces of Polish Cinema.

Magda spoke to the festival organiser Marlena Lukasiak and to the film critic Kuba Mikurda about the films on offer, Polish cinema and its appeal to British audience as well as the increasing role of female directors within the film landscape.

She also caught up with some of the festival participants to get their opinions on the event.

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Following some of the conversations, Magda got interested in finding out more about the ratio and structure of female characters on screen.

Listen out for her next episode, when she talks to Natalie Wreyford – a PhD student at the King’s College London, Department for Culture, Media and Creative Industries – about the Bechdel test, its origins and significance in measuring quality of films.


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