Power of a Woman: From Abandonment to Empowerment

Power of a Woman: From Abandonment to Empowerment

When a parent or parents leave, children can experience a sense of abandonment which can affect their whole life. How does someone deal with a sense of abandonment and deal with life’s other challenges?

Astute Radio‘s Carol Stewart started a conversation with one woman who shares her story of abandonment and finding empowerment.

When Claudia Crawley was a baby, her parents left her in Jamaica with her grandmother to build a new life for the family in England.  This was common for many people from the Caribbean at the time.  At the age of 4, Claudia’s parents sent for her to join them but being so young and not understanding what was going on, Claudia believed her grandmother, the woman she loved dearly, was sending her away. Claudia was angry – did her  grandmother not love her?

Claudia believed that being abandoned by her mother as a baby and being sent away by her grandmother meant she was not a loveable little girl.  She allowed these feelings to shape her life and have a negative impact on her relationships. Claudia also had to contend with Bell’s Palsy 30 years ago and is one of a few people in the UK who has had lasting affects from the condition.

Within the last 5 years, after having undergone therapy, Claudia has been able to address her beliefs about herself. She has changed her story and now realises that she is loveable.  Listen to how she was able to empower herself.

Claudia has always been a self leader and is a staunch feminist.  Wanting to recognise other women for their achievements, Claudia started her blog Page 1 Women** – a counter attack to Page 3 girls – to raise awareness and showcase phenomenal women: Self-leaders who are achieving great things using their skills, experience, knowledge and talents rather than looks.

Listen to Claudia’s amazing story.  Have you been abandoned?  How did you overcome the feelings and experiences you had?  If you have had to contend with feelings of abandonment or not feeling loved, please share your story with us. Join us on on Facebook and Twitter or email us at hello@astute-radio.com and let’s keep the conversation going.



** Read Astute Radio’s Founder, Sepi Roshan’s Page 1 Woman interview here.


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