Stereotypes: People Living in Poverty

Stereotypes: People Living in Poverty

With a large portion of the world’s population living in poverty, we cannot ignore the less privileged anymore. But do we really know what their real needs are? And more importantly does our ignorance and the stereotypes about people in poverty affect our poorer communities in any way?

AstPoverty wordleute Radio’s Carmine Amaro started a conversation about poverty stereotypes, with social worker Amanda Engelbrecht.  Amanda provides psychosocial support to the young people (teenagers) with The Sozo Foundation – an NGO working in the settlement community of Vrygrond, near Muizenberg.  Most of Amanda’s work is with people who are unable to afford private services.

Listen and find out what assumptions people make about people living in poverty.

Why does poverty exist? And what have you been told about people living in poverty?

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