The motherhood choice

The motherhood choice

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by Sepi Roshan


Is it compulsory to have children?

In some countries, the answer is yes.  In other countries, motherhood is a possible choice but one that requires defying social and cultural pressures.

So who decides what a woman can do with her body?

Magenta and NatashaAstute Radio’s Sepi Roshan, who is part of a childfree family, started a conversation about the motherhood choice from two very different angles:  Decisions made before pregnancy and decisions made after pregnancy.

Sepi started this conversation with Magenta Baribeau director of “No kids for me, thanks” and Natasha Waugh director of “Terminal” to explore what they have discovered through their film making journey.  Magenta won the Best Feature Film award at the 2016 London Feminist Film Festival, which is where we started this conversation.

What choices do women really have when it comes to motherhood? What responsibilities and pressures do men face when it comes to the motherhood choice?

Listen to this conversation here:


What motherhood choices have you made?  Share with our listeners and community.




Sepi Roshan is Founder and Managing Editor of Astute Radio.  She is a communications, leadership and media skills expert providing consultancy and training programs to organisations and individuals.





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