The privileged world of arts and culture

The privileged world of arts and culture

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Astute Radio’s Sepi Roshan started a conversation about the challenge of injecting diversity into arts and cultural institutions.

What is the purpose of art?

Who has access to arts, culture and expression?

How can art challenge stereotypes and allow an audience to hear new and unrepresented voices?

This conversation started after a chance meeting with Jen Harvie, Professor of Contemporary Theatre and Performance at Queen Mary University of London.

JenHarvieWhat is it about art that motivates and moves Professor Harvie?

During this conversation, Professor Harvie shares her experience and expertise about the power of arts and cultural exchange.  We explore why talent alone does not guarantee success in today’s art world and find out how UK Government policy threatens our ability to enjoy art as well as use art to challenge the status quo.

The issues explored in this interesting, astute and sometimes controversial conversation can relate to all institutions that are challenged by diversity – whether these institutions be related to business, government, education or religion.




What is the state of access to arts and culture in your country?  Who gets the funds and who gets their voices heard?




Sepi Roshan is Founder and Managing Editor of Astute Radio.  She is a communications, leadership and media skills expert providing consultancy and training programs to organisations and individuals.






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