Women in EU Politics: A Male Feminist Perspective

Women in EU Politics: A Male Feminist Perspective


by Miette Dechelle


Last episode, Astute Radio’s Miette Dechelle started a conversation exploring whether the stereotypes of millennials (male and female) in the media as shallow and detached from networks and institutions was true. Miette started a conversation with Julie Chrétiennot and Olga Frańzak about their interest in civil society, EU politics, the role of media and what they believe the future holds.

AndreAs well as characterised as millennials, Julie Chrétiennot and Olga Frańzak identify has feminists. Feminists and feminism are words charged with many stereotypes. For example, there is an assumption, that feminists are always female.

Young Male feminist voicing their opinion is not common in media. Instead, male voices who get airtime often represent sexist and misogynistic male behaviour.

To challenge this stereotype, Miette Dechelle started a conversation with Andrés Ingi Jónsson, a Young Political Advisor from Iceland and a Young male feminist.  Andre moved to Brussels with his family for a relatively unusual reason.  Find what what it is…



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Discover more about women in EU politics – from facts, figures to expertise and experience. I have been working in Brussels since 2009 for a European Association.  Currently, I am a Public Affairs Manager. Originally from France, I studied and worked in France, UK and Italy. My main focus throughout my study and career has been on on women issues and EU politics, economy and law. I am an active member of Business Professional Women (BPW) since 2009 and have held BPW Representatives positions at EU and club level, since 2011. I will be getting the conversation started about how women in Europe are directly or indirectly represented in EU politics Working and living in Europe, I want to share the experience and expertise of EU experts, representatives and citizen and challenge stereotypes about ‘Women in EU Politics’.



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