Women in EU Politics: Part II

Women in EU Politics: Part II

Gender equality in politics is 50/50, especially in EU and European countries…

Lobbying at EU level occurs only by big companies…

Feminism is out-of-date and no longer needed…

How true are these stereotypes and perceptions?

Astute Radio’s Miette Dechelle started a conversation about women in EU politics and equality, to find out. Miette spoke with Joanna Maycock who is the Secretary General of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) to find the real state of affairs.

FACT: Namibia has more women in Parliament than the UK and France.

You will be surprised what Joanna reveals about the UK Parliament.

Listen to Joanna as she shares facts and expertise about global inequality, women in EU politics, as well as why she thinks the gender gap still exists.  Miette and Joanna also discuss the role of EWL in promoting gender equality.

What do you think about women in politics?  What barriers do you think stop more women getting into politics?  Is your country going backwards in terms of equality between women and men?

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